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Two kinds of pain in the world世界上的两种痛

日期:2017-02-07 13:54:44 来源:大学生学习网

What is pain? Pain is a reminder. It reminds us our mistakes. Pain is an alarm of upcoming beautiful days.


There are two types of pain in the world.


First is physical pain like tooth ache, body ache, back pain, neck pain etc. and second is heart pain.


This pain has not any medicine yet. This pain only reduced by bearing it. Rumi says "The cure for pain is in the pain."


When we forget God and run after world and pain enters into our life because all the worldly things are painful.


Pain is the only one thing which brings us close to God.


In pain we never remember mom or dad or any friend. We just look at the sky and start praying.


God is the only one who understands us and support us throughout the bad time. Every relation in the world remains because of some selfishness and our relation with God is only remains because of love.


Pain changes your life. It will increase your conscience.


For the first time when you face the pain you feel like going mad.


You cry a lot, try a lot and after that you will pray and now you are on the right path.


Everything created by God is for our benefits so do as with pain. Pain is necessary. It opens our heart and mind. It makes balance in our life.


Pain plays an important part in our life.


Nobody can escape from it even all the angles, God and Goddesses of different religion who came into this world had to bear pain.


When we are in pain we try hard to get rid of it and here pain shows us the right path.


We become very conscious about our Karma which we always forget in our good time.


Rumi says "These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them." Some painful situations continuously happen until we learn a lesson from them and every time it changes us.


Karma. Our karma tells us about our situations. At which directions we are going.


What we give is what we get.


We should learn to spread happiness if we want happiness in our life.


One should learn to watch their action because our actions become our karma and our karma leads us to happiness or sorrow.


The best lesson pain teaches us to feel others pain as well.


Pain teaches us how to pray for ourself and for others.


If you want to escape from your future pains then start spreading happiness into others because pain is a result of our bad deeds. No good deeds give pain. Think about yours actions and ask yourself that what your actions is giving to others.


When we love someone whole heartedly we tend to give and give and give without expectations.


And when we full of thankful to God then we are so happy and everything becomes so easy.


Gratitude is the best way to get rid of your pain. Gratitude solves so many problems.


Gratitude gives us stress free happy life and I am sure like me you all also want stress free happy life.


When I read on that time I thought to share this with you guys. So let a practice it and have happy life.


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